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Welcome to My 2nd FY site!
If you wanna see more Fushigi Yuugi, go to my site at:

My Updates
Well...if you call this site an update...then the site is an update...if that makes any sense at all! Anyway, I should have more up on the site soon! Gomen nasai for my slowness, but I got school! *glares at eveil government who thinks school is the *high and mighty God** grrrrr! Gomen nasai again, *jap bow*
The eyes of the 7 Celestial Warriors and their Celestial signs
Adding captions makes my pictures more interesting.

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Miaka and Yui
Aren't they the best of friends...*mumbles*not counting the time when they were mortal enemies...
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"We'll always be the best of friends, right Yui?"-Miaka